Meet the Team

Timothy W. Markison

Timothy W. Markison

Founding Partner

Tim is one of country’s most accomplished patent attorneys having architected billion-dollar patent portfolios for several clients and has drafted more than 3,000 patent applications with an issuance rate over 95%. Tim is also one of the country’s most prolific inventors having more than 350 issued patents and more than 400 pending patent applications.

Tim has leveraged his skills and experiences to create a holistic approach to the business of patents, helping clients maximize their patent ROI (return on investment). Using the holistic patent process instead of a conventional patent process, clients are experiencing a ten-fold, or more, increase in value of their patented technology. A particular client had a twenty-fold improvement in the value of its patented technology: from $38M to $776M. For this client, the value of the patented technology was a primary factor in its acquisition for well over $1B.

As an innovator, Tim has made a career out of identifying technology gaps and finding valuable solutions to fill them. In particular, Tim has invented disrupting technologies in the wireless communication sector, the distributed data storage sector, the touch sensing sector, and in the athletic performance sector.

Tim holds a BSEE from Illinois Institute of Technology and a JD from Loyola University School of Law. Tim is a member of USPTO patent bar, is a member of the Illinois bar, and is licensed to practice in the Federal District Courts of Illinois.