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SigmaSense Patent Quality brings National Accolades

SigmaSense Patent Quality brings National Accolades

  • March 12, 2024
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Garlick & Markison congratulates its Client SigmaSense, LLC. for having the quality of its patent portfolio recognized. PatentBots evaluated the quality of issued patents of 755 companies having at least 50 issued patents in 2023. Of these 755 companies, SigmaSense, LLC. had 58 issued patents and ranked 1st in quality with a Quality score of 99.7.

Garlick & Markison, an IP firm renowned for creating large value in its Clients’ patent portfolios, drafted, prosecuted, and issued all 58 of these patents for SigmaSense, LLC.
Accolades for issuing quality patents in an efficient and cost effective way are frequently given to Garlick & Markison. In 2023, Garlick & Markison was ranked number three (#3) in patent quality in Tech Center 2400 by PatentBots. The attorneys of Garlick & Markison firmly believe that drafting and prosecuting quality patents not only results in increased valuations of our Clients’ patent portfolios but also puts our Clients in superior positions if they choose to assert their patents. At any time, patents issued by Garlick & Markison are involved in many disputes, often resulting in dispositions favorable to the owners of these patents.