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Broadcom’s Successful Patent Assertion Against Netflix

Broadcom’s Successful Patent Assertion Against Netflix

  • January 24, 2024
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Garlick & Markison congratulates Broadcom on its successful assertion of EP 2,575,366 in a German Court, which found infringement by Netflix and with the court fining Netflix €7.05 million for its ongoing infringement. The European patent at issue, EP 2,575,366, covers key features often used in HEVC/H.265 video coding, which Netflix uses to encode and stream Ultra HD content to subscribers.

While Broadcom’s victory is widely celebrated, we would like to shed light on how this journey began and how it progressed to this victory.

Garlick & Markison, an IP firm renowned for creating large value in its clients’ patent portfolios, began representing Broadcom in 2001. At that time, Broadcom had fewer than 50 issued patents. Garlick & Markison has since issued more than 2,500 US patents for Broadcom.

Broadcom has for many years been very active in standards’ participation and has been diligent in filing for patent protection for its standards’ contributions. H. Shannon Tyson should be recognized for his many years of dedication to Broadcom in protecting their standards’ work. Garlick and Markison is fortunate that H. Shannon Tyson is a member of our firm providing his standards’ expertise to our client base.

Furthermore, EP 2,575,366 is a European counterpart of US 9,332,283, which was drafted and prosecuted by Dr. Shayne X. Short, partner in Garlick & Markison. The European counterpart was issued by German firm Bosch Jehle of Munich.

Broadcom has had many prior successes in its assertion of patents. Other notable victories include its successful cross licensing with Qualcomm, which produced over US $891 million in licensing revenues for Broadcom in 2009. Garlick & Markison wishes the best for Broadcom in the continuing use of its patent portfolio.