About Us

Exclusively dedicated to assisting clients build ongoing strategic intellectual property and patent harvesting programs


Juristat Top Patent Firm - 2017
IP WatchDog Top Patent Firms - 2017
Top 10 Patent Firm in the Technology Center 2100 - 2016
Who We Are

Garlick & Markison is a boutique law firm specializing in patent portfolio building for its clients. Each practitioner in the firm is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and has a background in electrical engineering or the software arts. Many of our practitioners have advanced degrees in addition to their law degrees.

Our attorneys are versed in all facets of patent prosecution, but a particular strength of the firm is invention harvesting and patenting of harvested inventions. We work with our clients’ inventors to identify, expand, and patent their inventions. Our technical expertise and patenting skills enable us to reduce inventor workload and create robust patent portfolios for our clients.

We also have substantial litigation experience, which includes the analysis of patent lawsuits prior to filing and serving as patent experts during litigation. In this role, Garlick & Markison attorneys investigate potentially infringing products and services, prepare claim charts based upon the investigation, and work closely with litigation counsel prior to, and during litigation. Our firm attorneys have served both first and second chair roles in patent lawsuits.

Our Philosophy

We work with our clients to create patent portfolios to suit their particular needs. Initially, we work with a client to establish a patent portfolio strategy that considers their current and anticipated markets. We then work to meet the strategy to provide our clients with best-in-class patent portfolios.

We have strategically built significant patent portfolios for multiple clients, including Broadcom, Nortel Networks, SigmaTel, ViXS, Cleversafe, and a number of smaller clients. A significant portion of the valuation of the Nortel Networks portfolio sold in a bidding process was attributable to patent assets secured by the attorneys of Garlick & Markison. Broadcom’s patent portfolio, of which Garlick & Markison has significantly contributed to, has been identified as best in class on multiple occasions.